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Bands On Bikes (B.O.B. – Indoor)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

What makes this possible

Generally, the benefits of exercise (resistance) bands is well known throughout the physical therapy and exercise sciences. Resistance bands afford exercises that are not dependent upon gravity and thus allow resistant movements beyond the perpendicular plane and in real-life functional compound movements that engage multiple muscle groups and corresponding joints.

Taking the aforementioned into account, the practicality of concurrent aerobic and non-aerobic exercises is achieved by utilizing a stationary cycle (aerobic) concurrent with resistance band exercises (non-aerobic) that target upper body and core muscle groups. The challenge is to allow upper body and core resistance band exercises both safely and effectively during cycling.

Enter the SaddleBar® cycle utility bar. SaddleBar® retro-fits on most any indoor bike that incorporates the ubiquitous solid metal seat (saddle) post (equates to > 90% of all indoor bikes). The seat post provides the perfect anchor for the solid aluminum SaddleBar® which in turn presents two solid aluminum handle bars behind the rider and in close proximity to the back of the bike’s saddle - each handle bar in turn provides a solid steel anchor point for resistance bands.

The ability to perform upper body resistance band exercises safely while cycling is achieved with the SaddleBar® and underscores its efficacy with its inherent safety feature of permitting separate exercises with just one hand while the non-participating hand grasps a rear handlebar for added stability and maximum safety.

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