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Hi my name is Mike Dooner and I am an indoor cycling instructor who would like to introduce you to a product and brand called SaddleBar®.

The USA made SaddleBar® allows you to safely perform simultaneous cycling and upper body strength training without the need of hand-held free weights or cables.  

The SaddleBar® is as an indoor cycle utility bar that attaches directly to the cycle seat post. The ‘utility bar’ extends out behind the seat thus allowing for removable attachments such as rear handlebars complete with special anchors specifically provided for connecting resistance bands.  

 Three pairs of varying resistance (light, med, heavy) bands are provided with every SaddleBar® Standard Set which enables a limitless variety of resistance exercises targeting arms shoulders, back, abs and core while on or off the bike.

Training videos are available that demo proper resistance band care and usage in addition to dozens of effective resistance exercises that can be performed on or off the bike. 

Another key SaddleBar® feature is that riders can now position themselves in spine neutral vertically seated cycling position which reduces fatigue common in the neck, back, shoulders, wrists, and hands during cycling.

The SaddleBar® poses no risk to cycle manufacturer warranties as was confirmed by daily trials over a 2-year period and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.  

The SaddleBar® logo, a symbol of Global Teamwork is the cornerstone of the brand’s conviction. Comprised of 3 connected circles of varying diameters, the SaddleBar® logo:

  1. symbolizes a rider on an indoor cycle grasping the SaddleBar® rear handlebars directly behind the rider and secondly the circles

  2. symbolizes the earth, moon, and sun with regards to their size and the interrelation of their respective perpetual orbital cycles. As a result, all of us can then be considered celestial cycle teammates obliged to offer support to teammates especially in need at any time during our individual cycle through life.


The SaddleBar® brand is thus committed to donate profits to charitable organizations in the spirit of a “One World ...One Team” conviction.

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